Pedro Diacono

I like chasing stories which describes wedding that creates a natural and magical ambience.

 My name is Pedro Diacono and I’m a wedding photographer.

I’ll be honest, I consider myself cheerful, outgoing, sociable and I find that one of the most important things is sharing my time with others. I love traveling but always with my wife. I feel fortunate to be fulfilling my dream, being a  photographer. I have always thought that is better to live experiences with someone, not drifting without a course. I enjoy playing my guitar, watching a good movie with the person I love, having a cold beer and a chat with my friends.

I picked up a camera for the first time at the age of fifteen, and I never thought that it would become my job. However, it was not until two years ago, when I decided to take one more step ahead, I tried to have a career in UK, starting from the base, with now budget whatsoever, and with only one goal for this project that I think it could be the project of my life.